Settling down…

It’s been quite a while since I wrote on here.

Correction – it’s been ages since I’ve published anything on here – I have two blogs in draft that I didn’t get round to finishing: one on FASD (originally written for FASD awareness Day on 9 September!); and one on adoption parties (which I started drafting after watching the series on Channel 4 towards the end of last year). I will finish those at some point!

In that time, I’ve started working in a different office, had a fantastic opportunity to support one of our clients more closely, and we’ve moved into our new home.

Our move was unsettling for our son at first – new home, new school, new city – but he has operated amazingly.

As a family we’re much more settled than where we lived before – a function of having our support network on our doorstep rather than an hour and a half away, my new found happiness with work, and space to talk things through when the going has been tough.

For the first time in ages this feels like our forever home.


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