We’re special daddy…

Three years and one day ago today, adoption was something I was not willing to consider.

Three years ago today and that all changed. We had confirmation that our round of IVF had failed so that ended our chances of having a biological child.

We’d watched a documentary on adoption and had booked a long weekend away to get some time to think.

That weekend we relaxed, enjoyed time together and could have made a decision to stay like that forever – just the two of us without a care in the world  (except the dog and cats!).

Life would certainly have been very different, but somehow I just can’t imagine in what way.
The reason being that often it seems like there was no life before our little man came along – that he’s always been part of our lives.

True, we have ups and downs, highs and lows, and face a great deal of uncertainty in the future, but as he said to me tonight when I asked him what I should say when I talked to an adoption exploration evening tonight: “we’re special daddy”


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