Post adoption support 

One of the reasons we chose to adopt through Families That Last/After Adoption was because their family finding arm (Families That Last) evolved from what was originally just post adoption support (i.e. After Adoption).

We figured that they had been around for a long time specifically providing that support, so as and when we needed it we could be pretty sure they’d be there for us.

The other reason for choosing them was that the social workers we met in the first place were fabulous.

Although we hoped not to need any support,  we knew it would be there. 

As it is, we’ve not been desperate for any support – although they have been helpful in pursuing a few avenues on our behalf.

Strangely,  one of those offers of support came about because our family finding social worker (who in theory had done her job once wegot our adoption order and so could rest on her laurels) got in touch having read my blogs. She reached out to check we were OK and to see what support the agency could provide now, or what they might’ve been able to do in the past.

To be offered support without having to seek it was amazing and really cements our opinion of the agency.

It’s for that reason that I volunteer to tell our story to prospective adopters – through prep groups, information evenings and blogging – and intend to continue doing so as long as I’m wanted.


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