Fathers’ day

This weekend will be my second fathers’ day as a dad.

The first was slightly surreal – we had met our son only a matter of months before and “daddy” was very much just a name to him.

This year it’s different. Now I am greeted with a great big smile and “yo, yo daddio” if him and his mummy pick me up after work, or a great big hug and kiss if I make my own way home. He will tell me he loves me without anyone prompting him.

He is my life, my saviour, my world.

I can’t imagine a life without him in it.

This fathers’ day I will truly feel like a father, like a daddy,  like a parent.

I am the one who can get him to eat just a little bit more if his dinner, despite everyone around being “helpful”.

I am the one he looks to to fix things when they are broken  (having regained that adulation from our friend who is a handyman!).

I am the one who can get him to open up about why he’s upset, or to find out what happened at nursery.

I am the one who he trusts to look after him if he is ill or hurt or scared.

I am not perfect,  but I am finally beginning to believe I am good enough.

Happy fathers’ day to all of the fantastic dads out there – however you came to be a dad.


What happens when you’re not watching…

Quite a while ago we enrolled our son in a local martial arts club.

They have a lot of focus on leadership, courtesy and personal development in a structured,  but fun way so we thought it would be great for our son to help him develop.  Anything positive the kids do away from the class – whether it be achievements in school; helping at home; or simply being well behaved, is recognised at the start of each class – reinforcing the good things.

The classes are on a weekday afternoon so I rarely get the chance to attend, and my son is very vague about what he has actually been up to (the standard response is “I don’t remember”). That means that whenever I do go I see the massive steps he has taken conpared to the previous class I saw.

Yesterday was no exception. It’s been ages since I’d seen our boy in action and he blew me away! Despite the presence of a giant mirror right in front of him and me to show off to, he paid very close attention to his instructor throughout.  He behaved impeccably whereas in the past he might have been easily distracted.

To top it all off, he got a badge to go on his uniform since he completed another row of stamps for doing great things away from the club (things as simple as staying in his own bed all night and being a star for a friend who took him out for lunch, which in the past might have caused him difficulties). He was so incredibly proud of that star, which will sit nicely alongside the other three he already has.

I am immensely proud of what he achieves each and every day, but being with him every day means that it’s rare that I get to witness a step change in his development. Long may it continue!